Friday, 29 March 2013


Hi guys! I write this post in english because I want to dedicate it to my african friends :-)

Yesterday in the posch club of Gato Matto in Kampala, I went to a poetry session to honour the recently deceased Chinua Achebe, called for many the  father of written African literature.

But in the beginning of Easter, I felt like throwing some polemy to the 'heart' of Africa, so I put myself in front of the crowd and the focuses and red this poem that I share with you now. 

Try to imagine their reactions, and put your comments here!!


Even in the animal kingdom
your women are famous, your impalas
bottoms  are also exposed to us
in the same provocative way.

But they are
only animals,
they don't have 
your -let's say-
'comunications' skills

They don't go closer and closer
like you, to the hunter
and say
with your deep voice
with the silent rythm of your hips...

Hunt me!

Mmm How I love
the unbelievable balance
of quantity and quality
in your body

the smell of desire in your sweat
your temperature, your hotness
as if you were
the only fire
in your magic nights.

And... What about your men?
Aren't they cute with their easy smiles
with the glimpses of innocence in their sights?

But if I were gay
How could I tell you?

No, you would never see yourself with my eyes

The powerfull erotism of your black, perfect body
the strength of your muscles
the softness of your hairless skin
and the sweetness 
of your unexpert, huge lips...

What a pitty, mon cheri,
What a great pitty!



Diego said...

Oh là là, César... May Mr. Achebe be honoured... What was the reaction of those impala-bottomed girls... and perfect-bodied boys in the crowd? :-O

Mira que te gusta meterte en líos... ;-)

I loved the poem!

Cristen said...

Qué poco polémico eres y qué poco te gusta discutir ;)
Ya sabes que soy fan de tus poemas.
Para nosotros tuvo un escenario especial: Rapsoda Félix con Diego, Dani y yo en el coche camino de un cafetito a Lerma. Dani se quedó atrapado en una estrofa y antes de que nos diéramos cuenta ya estaba en modo bucle: "pero que no lo soy, pero si fuera gay, pero que no lo soy". Y al llegar a la Villa ducal Félix te grabó un video con el móvil del río marrón desbordado y de Diego haciendo de impala. Para que veas :D Un abrazo.